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electric bike 500 watts motor mid drive, blue Reno & Sparks, NV

Premium Mid Drive Electric Bicycles at Wholesale Prices in Reno & Sparks, NV

electric bike 500 watts motor mid drive, blue Reno & Sparks, NV

Our Premium Mid Drive Electric Bikes offers a variety of electric bike options including electric mountain bikes & motorized road e-bikes serving Sparks & Reno, Nevada, and Online Shopping. Our mid-drive motors are capable of enabling the riders to reach the peaks of their performances, each gear reciprocates to the pedaling, whereas the improved torque of the mid-drive conserves the battery from being drained.

All the models of these e-bikes have pedal assist along with throttles. The rider has complete control over the extent of assistance that pedaling requires, or the rider can simply use the throttle.


These are bicycles that have been modified to place a motor in between the bike pedals. These motors are installed right above the bottom bracket of the bike, a place that ensures a low center of gravity, providing you with optimal balance. Electronic bicycles have become extremely popular as a result of the emphasis that many people have regarding the conservation of fuel. Finding alternative ways to power vehicles, in the absence of combustion engines, is why people are developing these e-bikes all over the world.


First, if you are a cyclist that enjoys riding around on your bike, you will absolutely love these electronic bikes that have so much to offer. The mid-drive motor will give you an exceptional amount of power, allowing you to relax as it moves you forward toward your next destination. Additionally, these are quite different from traditional hub motorbikes that are similar in design, but they cannot match the torque and high-performance levels that the mid-motor bikes can achieve. In fact, our bikes are some of the absolute best manufactured today and are also extremely affordable.


One of the reasons that our mid-drive bikes are so popular is that they can enhance your performance levels. Even if you are extremely athletic, the ability to continue moving forward, even on inclines, will not be impaired due to the angle. These are also made for easy maintenance. They can be serviced rapidly, allowing you to feel confident that each day it will function at optimal levels. We also have many different bikes in stock, in many different colors, operating at different levels of wattage. We only use the latest technology for our bikes and they come with an extended 50-mile range. You can access this from a single charge, plus take advantage of high speeds, extra comfort, and unbelievable torque that you simply can’t find on other mid-drive electric bikes on the market.

Mid Drive E-Bikes Online Shopping | Reno & Sparks

Mid Drive E-Bikes Online Shopping


By combining the latest technology with tried and tested designs, Electric BikePlus is bringing a surge of excitement and innovation to the e-transport marketplace. With a careful and considered approach, utilizing the vital feedback we’ve received from our valued customers, we created our MIDDRIVE Electric Bikes in a way that addresses the needs, complaints, and recommendations of those we work to serve. 

As such, every e-bike we’ve developed comes with an extended 50-mile range from a single charge, combined with increased torque, comfort, and speed. Every bike we proudly produce comes equipped with performance grade pedal-assistance, allowing you the freedom to truly enjoy your experience while maximizing the effectiveness of your exercise. YOU are in the driver’s seat with full control over the level of assistance provided by the built-in throttle and our enhanced torque levels limit the drain on your battery life. Work smarter, not harder. We also made sure that our entire line of electric bicycles come equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and built-in lights for added safety & peace of mind.

Our Customers Love Us

Helpful, informative. Has a good looking product. Will return for rides. Answered questions knowledgeably
robert demicheli
19:01 06 Apr 21
We bought two bikes for our RV travels and they are AWESOME! My husband was having these clicking issues and Ken is on the spot to make it right and send a new one! We HIGHLY recommend MidDrive Bikes and Ken! I wish a lot more businesses had his work ethic! Thanks so much Ken!
Alison Wilson
18:25 19 Jan 21
Took my husband in to look at bikes just before Christmas, he test drove one and couldn’t believe how nice they were! We ended up purchasing 2! Ken was awesome, very knowledgeable and accommodating. These bikes are nice! Well made and after a lot of research, the best buy for such a high end bike. Highly recommend checking them out! you wont be sorry! Thanks Ken! Shellie & Guy Prichard
Shellie prichard
19:34 18 Jan 21
Purchased a new bike from Ken. He assembled it and delivered it to my house. After riding it for a while I realized it was to tall for me. Called Ken and told him I was uncomfortable with it. He told me to bring it back for a smaller frame no questions asked. Kens a straight up dude who will wants to make his customers happy and will go the extra mile to do so. I am very happy with my ebike and highly recommended Midrive. By the way Kens dad reminds me of the old man on Pawn Stars. They make a great team.😎
Gil Ellis
00:45 03 Jan 21
Ken is the best! Very knowledgeable and definitely not a high pressure salesman. We hit all the ebike stores in town, then returned to Ken the next day for the best bikes at a great price. We bought 2 of the folding variety. Love them! Had an issue with one (manufacturing defect), and Ken happily replaced it with a brand new bike within hours.
Amy Casey
01:31 03 Sep 20
Great place. Bought my bike there. Great customer service. Great prices.
William Leuallen
01:02 30 Jul 20
We purchased 2 bikes and are enjoying them immensely! Quick charging, smooth riding ,and powerful. Mountain bike and City bike. We’re so happy to find bikes that met all the specifics we wanted , were available immediately and at the right price. Reassuring to know service would be available and close by should we need it. Oh and we did not have to put the bikes together and Ken delivered them next day!!
Sherlyn Simmons
19:48 22 Jul 20
Absolutely fantastic…Ken is great..test drive..walked out with a Bike..service available also..
stacy dull
20:52 15 Jul 20
Great deal great ebikes!
cant tell Nope
22:03 30 Jun 20
The Mid Drive e-bike is a great value. The integrated components are top of the line. When you put them together, you get a bike that is powerful, attractive, well balanced that is a pleasure to ride.
Joel Kraemer
14:43 30 Jun 20
Quality bikes at a fair price
Tyler Isaacson
11:49 27 Jun 20
Great bikesComfortable and a joy to ride. Best purchase I ever made..
Janice Alpert
23:00 26 Jun 20
Purchased two bikes (sport bikes, with the fat tires) several months ago (wife and I) and could not be happier. Excellent product, best in class performance and absolutely the coolest looking bikes out there. Every time we ride the bikes people come to tell us how much they love them. Still surprised by how fast they can go (ours do about 30 mph in the top gear) and at least 40+ miles to a charge. Owner Kenny really knows his products and is easy to work with. Strongly recommend for anyone, you won’t be sorry.
19:23 26 Jun 20
I have the MDF500 Its a wonder bicycle it is fast powerful and reliable i have gone as far as 50 miles on a charge great battery and motors its a lot of fun i would say its the future of bicycling electric bikes
Sorin Markov
17:28 26 Jun 20
Nice guy. Good price. This is my 3rd ebike and the best si far. Everyday ride. Long battery life, strong motor.
John Teahan
22:01 08 Jun 20
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