What Advantages do Electric Bikes Offer? 

E- Bikes offer both the same features as a traditional bicycle as well as a number of other benefits . The rider chooses the speed and the level of exercise! E-bikes are a great option when cycling long distances and are also a top choice for many commuters. They provide quick and easy transportation with their electric motors which can reach speeds of 28-30 miles per hour without much strain on the rider. This saves money on gas and parking and is beneficial to the carbon footprint. 

According to Consumer Reports (CR Insights, June 2020), “on an electric bike, a rider can glide uphill without breaking a sweat. Either a battery-powered pedal assist will kick in, or you activate the throttle for a boost.” Here at Mid-Drive Electric Bikes, all of the E-Bikes we offer function with both a pedal assist and a throttle. This allows you as the rider to choose what type of riding experience you would like each and every day. Rushing to work and don’t want to break a sweat? Simply set the pedal assist to a higher setting, and use the throttle to help with tricky hills or stop-and-go traffic. Trying to get a beautiful outdoor workout in? Lower or even turn off the pedal assist and let your legs do the work. 

Over the last several years, Electric Bikes have gained tremendous popularity in the US, with sales of E-Bikes growing more than eight-fold since 2014 according to Consumer Reports. With this ever expanding market, we understand that the wide variety of options can get overwhelming. Here at Mid-Drive we want you to get the most value from your electric bike experience. That is why we offer a range of Class 3 E-Bikes, which offer a significant advantage in terms of speed and battery longevity as compared with other classes of E-Bikes, such as those tested in this article by Consumer Reports.   

Our philosophy is simple: to expand the possibilities available to our valued customers. We do this by making the riders’ priorities the same as ours when designing our bikes. With every bike we produce, we consider the single-charge battery range, the speed of the bike, the comfort of the ride, and the appeal of the design. So whether you’re looking into an E-Bike as your next way to commute, a tool for your next grand adventure, or something in between, we have a bike to suit your needs.

The Freedom To Have Fun

Our entire range comes equipped with performance grade pedal-assistance, allowing you the freedom to truly enjoy your surroundings.

Work smarter, not harder.

Why prefer Mid-Drive?

While our brand was still in its initial developing stages, the customers’ recommendations, complaints, and their needs were vigilantly heard. We dug deep and designed our bikes just exactly how our customers wanted.

One of the most common concerns was regarding the range of bikes. We used the highest quality of components while assembling the bikes to ensure that each model produced offers a range of 50 miles on being charged once.

Why buy our electric bikes?

Our bikes have all you want:
● Torque
● Comfort
● Speed
● Hydraulic Disc Brakes
● Comfortable seats
● Built-in lights.


We know what you want. Our electric bikes are in every possible way customer-oriented products.


We keep adding all the latest features to our bikes to enhance your riding experience in every aspect.


Our range of mid-drive electric bikes is the most economical on the market.

Additionally, we offer financing through PayPal, with no interest if paid in full in the first 6 months!