Mid-Drive VS. Rear-Hub Motors for E-bikes in Reno, NV
mid drive vs hub drive

Getting the right match of e-bike to your personal needs is essential to maximizing the benefits of this healthy and eco-friendly form of personal conveyance. Among the many selection options, you will have the choice between a mid-drive or a rear-drive motor. 

Here are some of the important comparisons you should make to arrive at the perfect e-bike for your personal needs and lifestyle.


 As you can see from the name, the mid-drive motor is mounted in the middle of the bike. This means that the power applied by the motor is positioned near the center of gravity. This allows for a more balanced feel when driving over varied types of roads, trails, and terrain types.  


Because the weight and power of the motor are distributed throughout the bike evenly, the mid-drive e-bike is agile and stable in all different types of trails and inclinations. 

The power applied to pedaling by the mid-drive e-bike is also more responsive to the actions of the rider making it more agile. This is an especially important thing to consider when safely navigating the hazards of urban traffic. 

In function, the mid-drive motor will allow power to be applied to your pedaling to be done where your pedaling power is also applied, this conserves battery power and riders’ energy. 


In Summary, the mid-drive motor provides advantages that are applicable to a wider range of situations. Whether you live in urban or residential areas, in hilly or flat terrain, the mid-drive e-bike provides the agility and balance to explore your world with confidence.

The other way that pedaling power can be boosted is when power is applied to the rear wheel from a motor located on the rear wheel of the e-bike. This means that the power applied to pedaling pushed into the rear wheels, making it better flat terrain and gradual inclines.


When used in the most efficient mode the hub-drive motor can use the spinning of the rear wheel to recharge power to a certain degree. This makes it especially well-suited to soft hills and smooth inclines.

The mid-drive motor will apply extra strain on the chain and cause a breakdown. But hub-drive motors don’t have this problem. 

Hub-drive motors are typically very quiet.

In summary, e-bikes fitted with a hub-drive motor have a very unique set of advantages best applied to flat terrain with lightly rising hills. Smooth terrain is also friendlier to the hub drive. This motor will provide plenty of power and energy-saving advantages in this environment of operations.  


Getting the most from your investment in an e-bike depends on getting the right type of motor. To figure this out you will need to consider your where and how and how often you will be riding your e-bike. 

A hub-drive e-bike would be a good choice if you will be riding across long flat expanses of the road with softer inclines and long declines where energy can be resupplied. In residential areas, the very quiet motor will also be appreciated. 

But hub-drive motors can cost you power and agility on rough terrain and long steep climbs as you will find in an urban environment. The weight on the rear wheel can also make agility difficult in rough terrain.

But if you will be riding through unpredictable terrains typically found in urban and off-road areas, the mid-drive motor is probably the best option for you. In an urban setting, you need a faster response and balanced power that can keep you mobile wherever you go and whatever you meet. Furthermore, if you already have experience in bike riding, these mid-drive motors have a more natural feel to them.


Why Choose Mid Drive Electric Bikes

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Mid-Drive Electric Bike FAQs

Mid-Drive electric bicycles that have been modified to place a motor in between the bike pedals. These motors are installed right above the bottom bracket of the bike, a place that ensures a low center of gravity, providing you with optimal balance. Electronic bicycles have become extremely popular as a result of the emphasis that many people have regarding the conservation of fuel. Finding alternative ways to power vehicles, in the absence of combustion engines, is why people are developing these e-bikes all over the world.

Mid-Drive E-Bikes

Mid-drive motors are capable of enabling the riders to reach the peaks of their performances, each gear reciprocates the pedaling. As a result of the improved torque of the mid-drive motor, it conserves the battery from being drained. This Maximizes further riding distances on one charge. 

Hub-Drive Ebikes

On the other Hub-Drive Bikes do not have the capability to change gear modes within the hub. While hub motorbikes are similar in design, they cannot match the torque and high-performance levels that the mid-motor bikes can achieve. Thus, making the motor work much harder and offering less battery life. This Minimizes riding distance on one charge. 


Most would agree that the benefits of Mid-Drive outweigh those of their Hub-Drive counterparts.

First, if you are a cyclist that enjoys riding around on your bike, you will absolutely love these electronic bikes that have so much to offer. The mid-drive motor will give you an exceptional amount of power, allowing you to relax as it moves you forward toward your next destination. In fact, our bikes are some of the absolute best manufactured today and are also extremely affordable.

One of the reasons that our mid-drive bikes are so popular is that they can enhance your performance levels. Even if you are extremely athletic, the ability to continue moving forward, even on inclines, will not be impaired due to the angle. These are also made for easy maintenance. They can be serviced rapidly, allowing you to feel confident that each day it will function at optimal levels. We also have many different bikes in stock, in many different colors, operating at different levels of wattage. We only use the latest technology for our bikes and they come with an extended 50-mile range. You can access this from a single charge, plus take advantage of high speeds, extra comfort, and unbelievable torque that you simply can’t find on other mid-drive electric bikes on the market.

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