What To Know About An Electric Bike
what to know about an electric bike- reno nv

Over the past couple of years, electric bikes have become increasingly sought after as riders appreciate the outstanding amount of power that these electric motors provide. The power boost enables the rider to relax and move with ease as they head toward their preferred destination.

If you want to get an electric bike, Mid Drive Electric Bikes- Reno, NV will assist you to understand what electric bikes are and help you choose the ideal one that suits you.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is also called an e-bike. The difference between an e-bike and an ordinary bicycle is that an electric bike comes featuring an electric motor. The electric motor assists the cyclist by making the pedal system more efficient while at the same time providing the cyclist with more power for motion. Therefore, an e-bike will make your riding experience that much smoother and will make it easier to move against a headwind or cycle uphill.

Depending on the systems that e-bikes use, they generally fall into two classifications: a power-on-demand system and a pedal-assist system.

In the case of a pedal-assist system, the motor will be regulated by the pedaling. This means that during riding, the efforts of the cyclist will be increased by the motor. You should note that there are two kinds of pedal-assist systems.  A Pedelecs system that features a motor no larger than 250 watts. And an S-Pedelecs system, which features an electric motor bigger than 250 watts and will produce a much significant top speed.

In the case of a power-on-demand system, there’s a throttle that can be turned on using a button strategically positioned. Compared to a pedal-assist electric bike, this type of e-bike is faster. In the eyes of law, it will be considered as a scooter or moped. An S-Pedelecs system will also be classified as a scooter or moped. But an e-bike that utilizes a Pedelecs, pedal-assist system will be classified as an ordinary bicycle. Most electric bikes utilize one of these pedaling systems, or, in some instances, they will make use of both.

Types of Electric Bikes

Road/Street bikes -Road/Street bikes are best suited for traversing towns and cities. Compared to an electronic motorbike, they don’t produce as much power, but they brake well, can move at an acceptable speed, and accelerate relatively good which makes traffic lights manageable. Depending on the municipality these bikes might or might not be legal to use on bike lanes, bike paths, and streets.

Tricycles and pedicabs -These types of bikes are among the top tourist traps with persons being driven around tourist hotspots by their drivers. Most pedicabs remain pedal-powered, but this is seen as more of originality. As an alternative, by making use of a small motor, individuals can still move around with ease and a bit more speed which saves a lot of valuable time. 

Folding– Folding electric bikes are in most cases just street bikes, but the twist is that they fold up. This means that they can be carried easily, can be moved around easily, and are easier to store. One downside of this e-bike is that they are heavy.

All in all, you should really consider getting an electric bike to help ease your commute. If you reside in Reno, Nevada, and its surrounding areas and are looking for a premium e-bike model to enjoy your rides with ease and get optimal performance, look no further than a mid-drive electric bike company for the absolute best! Here, you are guaranteed great service 365 days a year, 100% satisfaction with a 2-year warranty on each bike, and FREE delivery. Call 775-227-6004 TODAY to begin the acquisition process!

Mid-Drive Electric Bike FAQs

Mid-Drive electric bicycles that have been modified to place a motor in between the bike pedals. These motors are installed right above the bottom bracket of the bike, a place that ensures a low center of gravity, providing you with optimal balance. Electronic bicycles have become extremely popular as a result of the emphasis that many people have regarding the conservation of fuel. Finding alternative ways to power vehicles, in the absence of combustion engines, is why people are developing these e-bikes all over the world.

Mid-Drive E-Bikes

Mid-drive motors are capable of enabling the riders to reach the peaks of their performances, each gear reciprocates the pedaling. As a result of the improved torque of the mid-drive motor, it conserves the battery from being drained. This Maximizes further riding distances on one charge. 

Hub-Drive Ebikes

On the other Hub-Drive Bikes do not have the capability to change gear modes within the hub. While hub motorbikes are similar in design, they cannot match the torque and high-performance levels that the mid-motor bikes can achieve. Thus, making the motor work much harder and offering less battery life. This Minimizes riding distance on one charge. 


Most would agree that the benefits of Mid-Drive outweigh those of their Hub-Drive counterparts.

First, if you are a cyclist that enjoys riding around on your bike, you will absolutely love these electronic bikes that have so much to offer. The mid-drive motor will give you an exceptional amount of power, allowing you to relax as it moves you forward toward your next destination. In fact, our bikes are some of the absolute best manufactured today and are also extremely affordable.

One of the reasons that our mid-drive bikes are so popular is that they can enhance your performance levels. Even if you are extremely athletic, the ability to continue moving forward, even on inclines, will not be impaired due to the angle. These are also made for easy maintenance. They can be serviced rapidly, allowing you to feel confident that each day it will function at optimal levels. We also have many different bikes in stock, in many different colors, operating at different levels of wattage. We only use the latest technology for our bikes and they come with an extended 50-mile range. You can access this from a single charge, plus take advantage of high speeds, extra comfort, and unbelievable torque that you simply can’t find on other mid-drive electric bikes on the market.

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